Siamak Sheykhha

M. Sc.

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

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  • Energiesystemmodellierung
  • Energieökonomik


Siamak Sheykhha erwarb im Jahr 2014 einen Bachelorabschluss in Physik von der Sharif University of Technology, Teheran, Iran. Anschließend erhielt er im Jahr 2017 einen Masterabschluss in Industrial Engineering-Energy Systems Planning von der Kharazmi University, Teheran, Iran. Während des Studiums arbeitete er als Senior Researcher in der Abteilung für "Energy Modeling and Information Systems" am Sharif Energy Research Institute (SERI). Seit November 2017 ist er wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter und Doktorand am FCN.



Fachzeitschriftenaufsätze (full scholarly peer-review)
Sheykhha S., Borggrefe F., Madlener R. (2022). Policy Implications of Spatially Differentiated Renewable Energy Promotion: A multi-level Scenario Analysis of Onshore Wind Auctioning in Germany. Energy Policy, 169, 113158. [DOI]
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Siala, K., Mier, M., Schmidt, L., Torralba-Díaz, L., Sheykhha, S., & Savvidis, G. (2022). Which Model Features Matter? An Experimental Approach to Evaluate Power Market Modeling Choices. Energy, 245, 123301. [DOI]

Madlener, R., Sheykhha, S., & Briglauer, W. (2022). The electricity-and CO2-saving potentials offered by regulation of European video-streaming services. Energy Policy, 161, 112716. [DOI]

Sobhani, S. O., Sheykhha, S., & Madlener, R. (2020). An integrated two-level demand-side management game applied to smart energy hubs with storage. Energy, 206, 118017. [DOI]

Barkhordar, Z. A., Fakouriyan, S., & Sheykhha, S. (2018). The role of energy subsidy reform in energy efficiency enhancement: Lessons learnt and future potential for Iranian industries. Journal of Cleaner Production, 197, 542-550. [DOI]


Sheykhha S., Madlener R. (2019). HECTOR – A Dynamic Dispatch and Investment Model for Electricity Markets in Europe, FCN Working Paper No. 23/2019, Institute for Future Energy Consumer Needs and Behavior, RWTH Aachen University, December.

Beiträge zu Konferenzen und Workshops
Sheykhha S., Madlener R. (2021). The role of flexibility in the European electricity market: Insights from a system dynamics perspective. The 2021 System Dynamics Conference, 26.–30. Juli 2021, Online/Chicago, USA.
Sheykhha S., Madlener R. (2021). Policy Implications of Spatially Differentiated Renewable Energy Promotion: Multi-Level Scenario-Based Analysis of Regional Onshore Wind Auctioning in Germany. ENERDAY 2021, 9. April 2021, Dresden, Deutschland.
Sheykhha, S., Madlener, R., Borggrefe, F. (2019). Impact of Renewable Auctions on Renewable Energy Promotion taking the Spatial Dimension into Account. Energy Challenges for the Next Decade, 16th IAEE European Conference, 25.-28. August 2019, Ljubljana, Slowenien.
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