About FCN

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The provision and use of sustainable energy services plays an important role for social welfare. A better understanding and shaping of energy consumer needs and behavior is a great societal, scientific and political challenge.

The FCN accepts this challenge as a main guiding principle, and aims at providing reliable scientific evidence and guidance to policy-makers, other decision-makers, and society in general regarding the way energy needs arise, and the way economic agents behave to satisfy their energy needs. The main research interest of the institute lies in the study of past, present, and future energy needs and consumer behavior, and changes thereof.

The chair specially aims at guiding decision-makers in the private and public sectors by analyzing topical energy economics, policy and management issues, the design of energy policy measures, and the critical scientific evaluation of energy policy instruments and policy programs. Particular emphasis is put on improvements in the understanding of the demand side of energy use.

The contribution of the FCN for a better understanding of the energy problem is at least threefold:

  1. It points out opportunities, risks, and obstacles related to the development and diffusion of innovative energy technologies, and trends in society and industry.
  2. It supports necessary transformations in the economy and society towards a more sustainable energy system.
  3. By means of economic analyses, it contributes to a successful development and dissemination of energy-related sustainable business and technological innovations.