Smart Sustainable District Berlin-Moabit West


Finished project (06/2016 – 12/2016) , funded by Climate Kic.

“Smart Sustainable District Moabit West” is an interdisciplinary project focusing on the transition of the district Moabit in Berlin in the areas of energy efficiency, mobility, and water use. The FCN is leading the research in the area of energy efficiency in the project funded by the European Commission through Climate-KIC. In this area, the main goal is to identify socio-economic drivers and barriers to energy efficiency for inner-city businesses through case studies of three major companies in Moabit West. We combine the insights gained of a thorough literature review with detailed onsite technical energy audits as well as expert interviews to analyze all the stakeholders involved in potential energy efficiency increasing measures.

Our results indicate that the three most important drivers and barriers to the implementation of energy efficiency increasing measures are a) existence of a so-called champion of change within the business – a person who dedicates himself to the topic of energy efficiency, b) acceptable payback times of investments in energy efficiency (usually around three years), and c) availability of a window of opportunity that allows decision-makers to shortly focus on a non-daily-business topic such as energy efficiency. From these results, strategies are formulated to accelerate the implementation of such measures. The formulated strategies have different implications for the different stakeholders involved. The different implications are discussed with local stakeholders at workshops such as the 5th Moabiter Energietag. The results of the project can be found online on the project’s website

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