Technology Foresight and Technology Radar 2.0


Project duration: 01.12.2022 bis 30.04.2023

Client: E.ON SE

Project partners (consortium partners and associated partners):

  • Chair of Energy Economics (FCN-ECO)

Although several technology radars can be found online, the existing tools have several limitations. First, the technologies listed typically include only well-established trends that are known to a broad audience. Insights into new technological developments based on recent research and scientific publications are therefore desirable to gain a strategic advantage. Another problem with existing technology radar tools can be found in the evaluation of the technologies themselves: The tools mostly reflect the "gut feeling" assessment of a technology by its authors and summarize it only in a single benchmark value. Unfortunately, such an assessment is not very meaningful and thus insufficient for useful adjustments to important strategies or paradigms. Finally, existing tools leave little room for further refinement of results and adaptation to a company's specific interests. Therefore, a technology radar is needed that allows users to customize searches and filter results within specific areas to actively gain tailored insights.

In a previous project that was called “Technology Foresight and Technology Radar 1.0”, a technology radar was developed and integrated in Microsoft PowerBi that allows the user to systematically search for research findings by the Energy Research Center into a joint platform. Furthermore, the radar allows to uncover blind spots indicating further research needs, and grant other users from E.ON easy access to explanations and evaluations of distinct technologies.

This tool turned out a promising base for a continuous monitoring of upcoming trends and allowed the identification of several relevant potential game-changer technologies. Despite these quick successes, a second phase is needed to significantly increase the value of the tool for E.ON and unlock the full potential. To achieve these goals, the following sub-goals are defined:

  • Detailed “deep-dive” research investigation in three sub-domains with the goal to uncover and integrate break-through developments that could have disruptive impacts on the energy system
  • Implementing one or more additional ranking criteria
  • Adding detailed descriptions of all evaluated technologies to the radar
  • Add an additional layer to monitor current challenges and trends in the observed fields that summarizes recent market trends for each energy sub-domain
  • Improvements of the Power BI tool regarding design, additional visual features and “in-tool” documentation

The goal of the project is to improve the existing “proof of concept” stage of the project “Technology Foresight and Technology Radar 1.0” to an even more valuable tool that allows to systematically monitor various fields (e.g. mobility, heating, steel production, electricity distribution, etc.) in the energy domain, identify upcoming, strategically valuable technologies early in their development, and communicate challenges and potential solutions to E.ON departments.