SINERGIEN – Simulation neuer Energienetze


Finished project (5/2015 - 04/2018), funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

  Map of NRW

The “internet of energy” will play an important role within the process of the energy transition in Germany, because it is considered key to link the growing number of distributed energy assets and enable data communication. This also implies that the new dimension of data transfer has to be considered as a third dimension besides the technological and economic constrains to be considered. For many questions it will be important to consider this dimension not only separately but also in direct interaction with the other two dimensions.

FCN, ACS, TI and the company ProCom take up the challenge within the project “SINERGIEN”. The Goal is a joint simulation platform to consider the aspects “market”, “grid” and “communication” simultaneously, especially enabling a direct interplay. This way a holistic investigation of future ideas can be conducted.

  Levels of the energy system

As use case, we decided to investigate the promising vison of a virtual power plant (VPP) on households’ scale to access their flexibility potentials for economic and grid supportive measures. Potential business cases can be seen in

  • “peak-shaving” at times of extraordinary high peak-loads to reduce the needs for grid expansion,
  • the improvement of operating strategies for producing and storing devices regarding the asset aging
  • or the optimization of the procurement strategy at the electricity exchange.

These pure economic business models are converted to schedules for the distributed assets by the central intelligence of the VPP in a way that also considers technical grid aspects. The elaborated schedules are then communicated to the distributed assets and the actual change of state is checked afterwards.

  Schematic depiction of the system

This use case and the complex set-up made of three separate simulation cores was presented on October 23rd together with Olaf Syben as representative of ProCom in Berlin at the status conference “Zukunftsfähige Stromnetze” by the BMBF. The final conjunction of the three simulation cores to the holistic simulator is planned for mid of 2017.

Project Publications

Mirz M., Razik L., Tokel H.A., Specht J.M., Dinkelbach J., Syben O., Alirezaei G., Madlener R., Mathar R., Monti A. (2018): Verbundvorhaben SINERGIEN: Entwicklung einer systemebenenübergreifenden, integrierten Co-Simulationsplattform zur Unterstützung von Investitionsentscheidungen mit dem Ziel der Beschleunigung des Umbaus vorhandener Energieversorgungssysteme zu Smart Grids. Final Report. Aachen, 2018.



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