Research Areas

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  • Energy Economics, Management, and Policy
  • Economics of Technology Adoption and Diffusion
  • Economics of Technical Change and Technology Transfer
  • Behavioral Economics and Economic Psychology
  • (Market-Oriented) Energy Technology Management
  • Energy Risk Management
  • Ecological Economics
  • Applied Microeconomics
  • Applied Industrial Economics / Organization
  • Quantitative modeling / empirical economic research

Special Research Foci

Theoretical and empirical analysis of the drivers and barriers related to the development, adoption and diffusion of innovative (energy) technologies and services, and the management and contribution of these technologies for a more sustainable development, in particular:

  • Needs and behavior of technology-adopting and -using firms and private households
  • Financial and risk (management) aspects
  • Regulatory, institutional, and policy issues
  • Economic, environmental and social impacts of new energy technologies and services (incl. sustainability assessment)
  • Participatory Multi-criteria decision aiding
  • Applied Econometrics

Selected Research Topics

  • Model-based analysis of the adoption and diffusion of innovative energy technologies (e.g. applied to CHP, pellet heating, wind power, heat pumps).
  • Impact of risk and uncertainty on investment decisions
  • Changes in energy consumer needs and behavior over time
  • Design and (ex-post) evaluation of energy, climate and environmental instruments and policies / programs
  • Econometric studies of (sectoral) energy demand and demand elasticities
  • Regulatory and institutional aspects related to the promotion of renewables and energy efficiency
  • Financial aspects of technology adoption
  • Bounded rationality in energy technology adoption and use of new energy technologies
  • "Science-to-market gap" analysis of innovative energy technologies
  • Interplay between the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) and energy consumption