Abgeschlossene Forschungsprojekte

A GIS-based Decision Support System for the Optimal Siting of Wind Farm Projects: Does Social Acceptance Really Matter?
Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies – Supporting European Climate Policy (“ADAM”)
Analyse des Energieverbrauchsverhaltens der Bewohner von energieeffizienten Wohngebäuden
Analysis of Spatial Impacts on Investments and Economic Behavior
Assessing the Economics of Microdrilling for Geothermal Exploration
Assessment of the Technological Development and Economic Potential of Photobioreactors

Biogas Use in Switzerland – Innovation Systems, Technology Diffusion, and Development Paths (“Novatlantis Biogas”)

CO2 Free Power Generation from Nuclear Energy and Renewables: Perceived and Actual Risks
Communication Network Formation
Credit Risk Mitigation with Margining and Impacts on Power Plant Valuation
Decision-Making of Private Households (Mobility, Energy Use in Dwellings)
Econometric Estimation of Energy Demand Elasticities
Econometric Modeling of Passenger Car Retail Purchase Behavior
Economic and Technical Evaluation of Enhancing the Flexibility of Conventional Power Plants
Economic Impacts of Sustainable Energy Consumption (“e-co”)
Economic Modeling of Compressed Air Energy Storage for Enhanced Grid Integration of Wind Power
Economics and Risks of Onshore and Offshore Wind Power Production
Economics of Concentrating Solar Power Plants
Economics of Deep Geothermal Power Plants and District Heating
Economics of High-Temperature Nuclear Reactors for Industrial Cogeneration
Economics of Low CO2 Coal-Fired Power Generation
Economics of Wave Power
Economics of Wind Power
Effort and Accuracy in Social Preferences
Der Wandel des Stromsektors – Länderübergreifende Erfahrungen von Verteilnetzbetreibern und Energiegenossenschaften
Energy Consumption Patterns of an Aging Population
European Market Design for Control Energy
Evaluation Tool and Retrofit Matrix for Office Buildings
FITT – Forests In The Tank
Forecasting Tool for Spot Market Trading with Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Plants
Foreign Direct Investment in Carbon Footprint Reduction Projects: The Case of the Russian Energy Market Post-2012
Impacts of Urbanization on Urban Structures and Energy Demand
Industry 4.0
Influence of Eco-Labeling on Private Household’s Automobile Adoption
Kommunale Energieversorgungssysteme der Zukunft (KESS)
Measurement and Metering Facilities as Enabling Technologies for Smart Electricity Grids in Europe
Merit Order Effects from Large-Scale CCS Deployment in Europe
Modeling the Diffusion of Competing Residential Heating Systems
Modeling the Spatial Diffusion of Agricultural Biogas Plants
Optimization and Economic Feasibility of Small-Scale Wind Turbines in Various Urban Settings and Wind Conditions
Optimization of E.ON’s Power Generation Mixes
Optimization of Power Plant Portfolios: Impact of Cross-Border Asset Swaps, Liquidity-Constrained Trading, and Accounting Requirements
Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles for CO2-Free Mobility and Active Storage Systems for the Grid
Power Plant Investment in a Liberalized Market: A Real Options Approach for Sequential Investment Decision-Making
Private Haushalte als Schlüsselakteure einer Transformation des Energiesystems: Empfehlungen für eine sozial-ökologisch orientierte Förderpolitik
Rebound Effect and Ownership in the Residential Household Sector
Relating R&D and Investment Policies to CCS Market Diffusion
Renewable Energy Policy Design
Risk Capital Requirements for Energy Commodities – Analysis on the Impact on Power Plant Values
Sanierungsfahrplan Bundesbauten: Sondierungsstudie zur Quantifizierung von Rebound-Effekten bei der energetischen Sanierung von Nicht-Wohngebäuden/ Bundesliegenschaften
Sectoral e-Business Watch (“SeBW”)
SINERGIEN – Simulation neuer Energienetze
Smart Metering in Private Households: Developments in Germany
Smart Sustainable District Berlin-Moabit West
Testing E-Mobility in Fleet Operations – CO2-Free Delivery in Bonn – CO2 Gogreen
The Impact of Energy Facility Siting on Property Values
Understanding Energy Consumer Behavior through Economic AIXperiments
Virtuelles Institut – Mentalitäten und Verhaltensmuster
Virtuelles Institut – Transformation Industrieller Infrastrukturen