Introduction to the energy sector

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Aaron Praktiknjo

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With the energy system transformation, the energy sector offers very exciting fields of activity for graduates of economics courses. However, energy markets differ in essential aspects from other markets due to the scientific and technical characteristics of the traded goods and services. Because of these differences, basic economic concepts are often not or only partially applicable to the analysis and evaluation of energy markets.

Background: The aim of the course "Introduction to the Energy Sector" is to make Bachelor students aware of the relevant characteristics and peculiarities of different energy sources. This should facilitate their access to further courses in the energy sector (e.g. energy economics, energy system analysis).

Content: The course first illuminates the term "energy" from a scientific perspective and sensitizes the students in dealing with energy units. Subsequently, different energy sources are examined in detail and modern plants for the generation of electric power are presented. The last part of the lecture focuses on greenhouse gas emissions and technologies of sector coupling. Several interactive exercises on different contents of the lecture contribute to a deeper understanding of the learning content and round off the course.

Please note that this course is offered in german language only.