Festschrift | Trends and Challenges Ahead


E.ON ERC - Contributions to Sustainable Energy Pathways

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The Chair of Energy Economics (FCN-ECO) under Prof. Reinhard Madlener as the editor and one of the lead authors of the Festschrift presented the new Festschrift 2022 to the E.ON ERC advisory board last week, which is available free of charge as a PDF-file. Below you will find the description of the individual chapters. For further information, please also click on the following link:

Festschrift | Trends and Challenges Ahead

  • Chapter 1. (Rik De Doncker)

Research, Innovation and Education at E.ON ERC

  • Chapter 2. (Reinhard Madlener)

Sustainable Energy Development: Looking Both Ahead and in the Rear Mirror

  • Chapter 3. (Praktiknjo et al.)

System Aspects of Sustainable Energy Pathways

  • Chapter 4. (Reinhard Madlener)

Energy Efficiency and Rebound Effects

  • Chapter 5. (Dirk Uwe Sauer et al.)

Mobility and Storage

  • Chapter 6. (Dirk Müller, Reinhard Madlener)


  • Chapter 7. (Antonello Monti, Ferdinanda Ponci)

Digitalization and Decentralization

  • Chapter 8. (Rik De Doncker)

Flexibilization, Infrastructures, and Path Dependency

  • Chapter 9. (all ERC professors)

Synthesis – The Way Forward at E.ON ERC and Beyond