First Information day ot the STABLE project


Team of the Chair for Energy System Economics (FCN-ESE) participates at the first information day of the STABLE project in Berlin

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On 5 September 2023, the first information and exchange day of the project "STABLE - Social Transformation of the BuiLding sEctor" with tenants took place in Berlin. In addition to the FCN-ESE, the project involves the EBC, another institute of the E.ON Energy Research Center, the Social Research Center of the TU Dortmund University (sfs) and a communal housing association of the city of Berlin HOWOGE

Background to the STABLE research project

To achieve climate targets, significant progress must be made in the energy refurbishment of the German building stock. Particularly in multi-family buildings, the technical complexity as well as regulatory and economic framework conditions represent significant barriers. In addition, different interest groups such as landlords and tenants come together which can lead to potential conflicts. This is exactly where the STABLE project comes in. It accompanies the energetic refurbishment of a real block of multi-family houses and tries to overcome the different challenges. The overarching goal is therefore to develop and implement an energy concept that is both climate-friendly and socially acceptable. To achieve this goal, STABLE relies on a participatory approach that uses dialogue and participation formats to create common ground and ensure that energy retrofits are beneficial to everyone involved. For more information, please visit our project website.

1st info day with tenants completed

The main goal of the first info day was the direct exchange with the tenants. In the courtyard of the multi-family building in Berlin-Lichtenberg, interested persons were able to meet with those responsible for the project. Information about the project and the participation process was presented. In addition, the tenants were able to address their questions, wishes and concerns to the project representatives.

Further steps in the participation process

The participation process offers various opportunities for participation over the project duration of 4 years. Residents were already involved in a postal survey prior to the information day. Following on from these results and the information day, qualitative interviews will be conducted with tenants in the fall of 2023.