IAEE Conference in Dusseldorf


FCN participates heavily in 13th European IAEE Conference in Dusseldorf (18-21 August 2013)


FCN staff has given five presentations at this year's European IAEE conference in Dusseldorf:

  • Energy Efficiency, Rebound, Consumer Needs, and the Energiewende (Prof. Madlener, Dual Plenary Talk on "Energy Efficiency and Consumer Behavior")
  • Economics of Small Wind Power Plants in Urban Settings: An Empirical Investigation for Germany (B. Grieser, R. Madlener, Y. Sunak - FCN WP No. 1/2013)
  • What Drives Homeowners to Climb up the Energy Ladder? Lessons from the Replacement of Residential Heating Systems in Germany (C.C. Michelsen, R. Madlener - FCN WP, in prep.)
  • The Questionable Merits of Carbon Capture Readiness (W. Rohlfs, R. Madlener - FCN WP No. 18/2012)
  • Modeling the Diffusion of Residential Photovoltaic Systems in Italy: An Agent-Based Simulation (J. Palmer, G. Sorda, R. Madlener - FCN WP No. 9/2013)
  • Stated Preferences and Willingness-to-Pay for Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Attribute Improvements: The Case of Germany (A. Hackbarth, R. Madlener - FCN WP, in prep.).