ICAE 2013 in Pretoria


Prof. Madlener at ICAE 2013 in Pretoria, S. Africa (1-4 July 2013)


Prof. Madlener and Daniel Kroniger, former master's student at FCN, attend the 2013 International Conference on Applied Energy (ICAE) in Pretoria, South Africa, where they present the following papers:

  • Madlener R., Specht J.-M.: Economic Analysis of Underground Pumped-Storage Hydro Power Plants in Abandoned Coal Mines (FCN WP No. 2/2013)
  • Kroniger D., Madlener R.: Hydrogen Storage for Wind Parks - A Real Options Evaluation for Optimal Investment (FCN WP No. 3/2013)
  • Petersen C., Madlener R.: Impact of Distributed Generation from Renewables on the Valuation and Marketing of Coal-Fired and IGCC Power Plants (FCN WP No. 4/2013).