IAEE European Conference in Venedig


FCN participates in IAEE European Conference in Venice (9-12 September 2012)


A delegation of the FCN (Prof. R. Madlener, A. Hackbarth, M. Garbuzova, C.C. Michelsen) attends the 12th IAEE European Conference in Venice, Italy (September 9-12, 2012) and gives four presentations on ongoing and completed research:

  • J. Hampe/R. Madlener "Economics of High-Temperature Reactors for Industrial Cogeneration: A Utility's Perspective" (FCN WP, in prep.)
  • C.C. Michelsen/R. Madlener "Motivational Factors Influencing the Homeowners’ Decisions between Residential Heating Systems: An Empirical Analysis for Germany" (FCN WP 17/2011)
  • M. Garbuzova/R. Madlener "Russia's Emerging ESCO Market: Prospects and Barriers for Energy Efficiency Investments" (FCN WP 6/2012)
  • A. Hackbarth/R. Madlener "Consumer Preferences for Alternative Fuel Vehicles: A Discrete Choice Analysis" (FCN WP 20/2011).