11th IAEE European Conference


FCN Participation at the 11th IAEE European Conference 2010 in Vilnius (25-28 August 2010)


FCN staff and external PhD candidates attend the 11th IAEE European Conference "Energy Economy, Policies and Supply Security: Surviving the Global Economic Crisis" in Vilnius, Lithuania (25-28 August 2010) with the following four presentations:

  • Prof. Madlener: "Doing More with Less: Virtues and Fallacies of Energy Efficiency in a Constrained World" (Dual Plenary Session)
  • Madlener R. / Glensk B. "Use of Modern Portfolio Theory to Optimize the Power Generation Mix at the Company Level - Impact of a New Investment"
  • Rohlfs W. / Madlener R. "Influence of CO2 Certificates on the Investment in Coal-Fired Power Plants with Carbon Capture and Storage: A Real Options Analysis"
  • Lang J. / Madlener R. "Relevance of Risk Capital and Margining for the Valuation of Power Plants: Cash Requirements for Credit Risk Mitigation"