IAEE International Conference 2015


FCN participates in IAEE International Conference 2015 in Antalya.

  Prof. Madlener at the IAEE International Conference 2015 Copyright: FCN

FCN researchers present three new studies at this year’s IAEE International Conference in Antalya:

  • Garnier E., Madlener R., Balancing forecast errors in continuous-trade intraday markets (FCN Working Paper No. 2/2015, in prep.).
  • Illian K., Madlener R., Short-Term Energy Storage for Stabilizing the High Voltage Transmission Grid: A Real Options Analysis (FCN Working Paper No. 20/2014).
  • Stähr F., Madlener R., Hilgers C., Holz F., Natural Gas Supply Diversification in Eastern Europe and Long-Term Opportunities from Domestic Shale Gas Resources: A Modelling Approach using the Global Gas Model (FCN Working Paper 2015, in prep.)

Furthermore, Prof. Madlener chairs the dual plenary session on “New Energy Technologies and their Status” with contributions from Dr. Akiro Yoshino (General Manager, Yoshina Lab, Asahi Kasei Corp, Japan), Dr Sean McCoy (CCS Unit, IEA, France) and Dr. David Mooney (Director, Strategic Energy Analysis Lab, NREL, USA).