FCN participates in OR2015 conference in Vienna.


FCN gives five presentations at this year’s conference of the GOR in Vienna, Austria, all of which are part of a special session organized by Prof. Madlener:

  1. “Investments in Flexibility Measures for Gas-Fired Power Plants: A Real Options Approach” (by Barbara Glensk, Christiane Rosen, Reinhard Madlener)
  2. “Well Drainage Optimization in Mining Accounting for Electricity Price Uncertainty” (by Reinhard Madlener, Mathias Lohaus; FCN WP 12/2015)
  3. “Risk Analysis of Energy Performance Contracting Projects in Russia: An Analytic Hierarchy Process Approach” (by Maria Garbuzova-Schlifter, Reinhard Madlener; FCN WP 10/2014)
  4. “The Future Expansion of HVDC Power Transmission in Brazil: A Scenario-Based Economic Evaluation” (by Christian K÷hnke Mendonša, Christian A. Oberst, Reinhard Madlener; FCN WP 14/2015)
  5. “Comparative Analysis of Day-Ahead Feed-In Forecasts for Photovoltaic Systems and Economic Implications of Enhanced Forecast Accuracy” (by Oliver Ruhnau, Reinhard Madlener; FCN WP 6/2015)