ICAE 2016


FCN delegation participates in ICAE 2016, Beijing.


Prof. Madlener and two of his master’s students attend this year’s International Conference on Applied Energy (ICAE 2016) in Beijing, where they present the following ongoing research:

  • Simulation and Evaluation of the Economic Merit of Cloud Energy Storage to Prosumers: The Case of Germany (H. Broering, R. Madlener)
  • Economic Feasibility of a Compressed Air Energy Storage System Under Market Uncertainty: A Real Options Approach (E. Hammann, R. Madlener)
  • Optimal Expansion of a Hydrogen Storage System for Wind Power (H2-WESS): A Real Options Analysis (S. Franzen, R. Madlener)
  • Economic Viability of Second Use Electric Vehicle Batteries for Energy Storage in Residential Applications (A. Kirmas, R. Madlener)
  Prof. Madlener and two masters´ students at ICAE 2016 Copyright: FCN