OR 2016


FCN-Beiträge bei der OR 2016 in Hamburg.


Das FCN nimmt an der OR 2016 in Hamburg teil und präsentiert Forschung zu den folgenden Themen:

  • Simulating the Market Potential of Virtually Connected Photovoltaic-Battery Systems of Decentralized Prosumers (H. Broering/R. Madlener)
  • Flexibility Options for Lignite-fired Power Plants: A Real Option Approach (B. Glensk/R. Madlener) (FCN WP 10/2016)
  • Optimal temporal usage of salt cavern storage units for alternative media in light of intermittent renewables and carbon sequestration (X. De Graaf/R. Madlener)
  • Turning Brown into Green Electricity: Economic Feasibility of Pumped Storage Hydro Power Plants in Open Pit Mines (M. Wessel, C. Hilgers, R. Madlener)