FCN-ESE auf der IAEE 2023 in Riad


Team des Lehrstuhls für Energiesystemökonomik auf der IAEE International Conference in Riad


Das Team des Lehrstuhls für Energiesystemökonomik (Prof. Aaron Praktiknjo) präsentiert neue Forschungsarbeiten auf der 44. Internationalen Konferenz der International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) in Riad:

  • Heating In German City Quarters : How Does The Regulatory Framework Influence Investments In Renewable Technologies ?
  • Unlocking Industrial Demand - Side Flexibility For The Power System Through Local Green Hydrogen Production : A Case Study In Germany
  • Regulations And Contract Design In Multi - Agent District Heating And Cooling Systems
  • Long Term Energy Policy vs. Dynamic Public Preferences? A Review Of German Energy Policy 2008 - 2023
  • Which Way To Choose? Technical , Economic And Environmental Evaluation Of Different Hydrogen Production Pathways
  • Linking Electrical Grids Between Euro pe And The M ENA Region: Potentials And Opportunities
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